Bright Penny

by Liam Hayes and Plush

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"A creamy rock 'n soul fantasy." - Uncut ****

"...hopeful ode to classic pop and soul... unpretentious, emotional, and with a strong feeling for a good story. The sound of an introverted man reaching out to the world and speaking its language." - Mojo ****

"A lovely collection of blue-eyed soul." - Q ****


released September 28, 2009

Bright Penny Liam Hayes and Plush
Composed by Liam Hayes
Produced by Tom Lunt and Liam Hayes

Featured arrangements by: Tom Tom MMLXXXIV. Drums: Morris Jennings, Jim Hines, Jay Bellarose. Bass: Bernard Reed, Bob Lizek, Ron Hall, Dave Monsey. Percussion: Morris Jennings, Bernard Reed, Mr. Jimmy Rowland, Russ Bassman. Electric guitars: Ritchie Davis, Will Crosby, Chris Bruce, Tom Lunt, Liam Hayes, Russ Bassman, Scott Ligon, Jeff Parker. Pedal steel: Brian Wilkie. Additional pedal steel:
Tom Lunt, Russ Bassman. Acoustic guitar: Tom Lunt, Liam Hayes, Bob Bloom, Russ Bassman. Electric sitar: Tom Lunt, Ritchie Davis. Organ: Chris Cameron, Dave Palmer. Additional organ: Liam Hayes, Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Piano: Chris Cameron, Liam Hayes, Scott Ligon. Track and tape piano: Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Wurlitzer: Chris Cameron, Liam Hayes. Rhodes: Russ Bassman, Liam Hayes. Clavinet: Chris
Cameron, Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Harpsichord: Chris Cameron. Celeste: Liam Hayes. Chamberlin and Mellotron: Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Synthesizers: Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Harmonium: Liam Hayes. Tubular bells: Tom Lunt. Vibes: Russ Bassman, Tom Lunt, Mr. Jimmy Rowland, Liam Hayes. Hand bells: Liam Hayes, Mr. Jimmy Rowland. Tanpura: Sri Raagini. Horns: Hank Ford, Bill McFarland, Willie Woods, Tyrone
Hines, Paul Howard. Harmonica: Howard Levy. Background vocals: Theresa Davis, Cathleen Chapek, Dianne Madison, Herman Bowens, Bart Bradfield, Pat Sansone, John Stirratt, Russ Bassman, Archer Prewitt, Scott Ligon, Mr. Jimmy Rowland, Liam Hayes.

Horns arranged by: Tom Tom MMLXXXIV. Strings arranged by: Tom Tom MMLXXXIV (9), Mr. Jimmy Rowland (4).
Vocals arranged by: Tom Tom MMLXXXIV(3,5,7,8), Bart Bradfield (1,2,3,8), Liam Hayes, and Mr. Jimmy Rowland (4,7,10) Basic Tracks arranged by: Tom Tom MMLXXXIV (2,6,7,8,10), Liam Hayes and Tom Lunt (1,3,4,9), Chris Bruce and Liam Hayes (5).

Recorded at: Soma EMS, Tone Zone Recording, Key Club Recording, Sonora, Wall2Wall, The Loft.
Recording engineers: Roger Heiss, Tim Isler, Bill Skibbe, Ryan Freeland, Frank Caruso, Dave Osborne, Erick Block.
Mixed by: Bill Skibbe with Mr. Jimmy Rowland (2nd engineer), and Jessica Ruffins at Key Club Recording.
Mastered by: Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA.
Assistant mastering engineer: Maria Rice.
Photography by: Jim Newberry.
Orb paintings by: Lani Hayes.
All selections by: Liam Hayes.

All selections by Liam Hayes
Published by Candlewick Lake ( ASCAP)
All rights reserved
© & ℗ Candlewick Lake 2009



all rights reserved


Liam Hayes & Plush Chicago, Illinois

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